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Small Business Web Hosting

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We have all seen those "deals" for $10 a month, to get a space on the internet.

Most "web hosting companies" are nothing more than resellers for larger hosts or datacenters. Its almost a pyramid scheme! We know... We have been there. Until we built our own servers and got our own internet connections, battery backup systems, and built our own hosting solution.

And when you need help, what kind of service will you get? Where does your web site really "live"? Lost in some big data center monstrosity on either of the coasts?

Leander Computing has it's very own servers right here in our office, so if something goes wrong, most of the time we would see it and have it fixed before anyone ever even notices.

And if you have a problem, you will have your representative's cell phone number, not waiting on hold in a voicemail system.

Our hosting packages are not the cheapest, but we do think you will get more than what you pay for.

For $20 a month or $204 a year (thats $17 a month), you get almost unlimited space, unlimited usage and access, unlimited email addresses (full-fledged boxes or aliasing/forwarding), and the best darn support anywhere.

Plus, if you pay for the whole year, we will register or renew your domain name for you at no extra charge. Thats saving $10+ a year right there.

We have a startup package that, for $400, you get the full hosting deal and we will build a site to get it all started (Static with text and graphics).

Also available is fully dynamic sites using ColdFusionMX and MySQL databasing.

And if you need a shopping cart, we can set one up as well.

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Contact our marketing dept at joe.nospam@leander.net