Leander Computing - Leander, TX


Need a file from another computer? Tired of copying stuff to floppy disks or USB sticks, or wasting CD's just to get files from one computer to another?

Or maybe you have finally gotten broadband, and everyone needs to get on it?

Time to get your computers all connected. Wired or Wireless, we can fit a solution to your needs.

It can be a daunting task for the inexperienced. "The cables are connected, so why can't I see the other machines?"

We can come in, get the network all working properly, create easy to use shortcuts and links to other computers and needed items, to make it simple to use.

It's one thing to open it all up to be able to use it. It's another to make sure every machine and the network is secure. This is where experience comes in.

We will go over your needs and then implement a solution that will work for you, while keeping your computers safe and secure from any possible intruders or hackers.

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Leander, TX 78646
512 - 563 - 9437
Contact our marketing dept at joe.nospam@leander.net