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Computer running a bit (or a LOT) slower these days?

It could be a virus. It could be a harddrive going bad.

Or it could just be you have loaded a lot of programs, and they have loaded themselves to start everytime you turn on the computer, and that brings it to its proverbial knees evertime you boot.

We have years of experience cleaning up machines just like yours, diagnosing and replacing bad components, even trying to save your hard-earned data from a failing hard drive.

If your computer is extremely slow, and you are hearing a repeating clicking noise, shut it down and call us immediately. It very well could be your drive on the verge of failing, and we might be able to clone your data to a new drive before all your data is lost (or the other alternative is $600-$2,000 to a full-fledged data-recovery service)

We know you don't care what the problem is, you just want to be able to use your computer efficiently and get your work done, at a fair price

Our rate is $50 per hour, and we are extremely fair if there are any parts involved. Some places have a 40, 50, even 1000 percent markup on any parts they use. We average about 20% markup over what it costs us (mailorder charges, gas and time to go pick up any parts, etc).

And most of the time, if we can't fix your problem, you wont pay anything. We feel thats only fair. Why pay to get nothing accomplished?

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