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Remote Backup Solution

Leander Computing now offers the ultimate in data backup solutions.

Back up and store your data easily and securely offsite on one of our servers.

We will install a small piece of software that gives you a virtual drive on any computer, that when files are copied to that "drive", they travel across the internet and onto one of our RAID1 drives on our servers

RAID1 is when 2 drives have data mirrored between them, so even if one of OUR drives go bad, all data is safely stored on the other drive automatically.

So if something unfortunate happens to your premises (Fire, flood, tornado, etc), a copy of your data is somewhere else, easily retrievable.

$10 per Gigabyte per month. Thats 1,000 Megabytes.

A usual Word Document is about 50 to 100 Kilobytes, a Quickbooks database file is under a half-Megabyte.

So 1 Gigabyte should be enough to handle most of your important documents.

And we would be more than happy to come out and set it all up for you at no extra cost. It takes about 10 minutes to install the connection software and setup a simple script to copy what files are important to you.

After it is setup, you wont have to worry about anything about it anymore, unless something tragic happens and you need to get your files back.

The connection between your computer and our servers uses the latest in security, and only you and our administrators will have access to the backup.

And as a comparison, here is what our competitors charge

For $10 a month with them, you only get 1/10th the storage, and thats if you pay the whole year in advance.

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