Leander Computing - Leander, TX

Amateur Radio Club Web Hosting

If you are the trustee or webmaster for an Amateur Radio club, we want to help!

Because K5KTF owns Leander Computing, and we all know Hams are cheap FRUGAL, we give Ham clubs special pricing to host your club's site.

Your club will get all the benefits and features of the Small Business Web Hosting, but at a reduced rate of only $100 per year. That's over half off our normal pricing! ($8.33 per month!)

We will help you transfer any existing site to our servers, and/or install Joomla 3 to help your club get started.

And being a Ham, you have more avenues to contact us, either the main phone number (at the bottom of the page), or sked an HF/VHF (Central Texas) QSO ! (as long as the bands are cooperative....)

We have hosted the Broadband-Hamnet project site since 2010, and just recently we picked up the Hill Country Amateur Radio club

If your club is a true 501.c.3 non-profit, even better as we will take a tax deduction (but not required for this deal).

Give Jim K5KTF a call today at the number below, or shoot him an email at Jim@K5KTF.com to QSO the details.

73 !

Leander Computing P.O. Box 1183
Leander, TX 78646
512 - 563 - 9437
Contact our marketing dept at joe.nospam@leander.net